Fat fingers?

I got the Blackberry Storm as an early Christmas gift, and love, love, love it.


You see the touch screen?

Let’s just say that it is not too easy to type on this thing without hitting letters one does not mean to type.  Jeez, is it the design of the touchscreen, or –

do I just have really fat fingers?


[p.s. that is not my thumb above]


2 responses to “Fat fingers?

  1. That was the main thing holding me back from getting the iPhone. Same keyboard.
    You do get used to it, or it gets used to how you typically hit keys.
    It really does get better. Glad to hear you are liking your phone.

  2. I am getting used to using the backspace key, less often now than before when I had to type each letter at least 3 or 4 times before I hit the right one, lol. I was cursing like a sailor.

    It looks like our old avatars are back…

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