Pinky toe trauma

Well, I guess I won’t be wearing

<——- these, for a while.

It happened yesterday morning.

The phone rang as I stepped out of the shower and rang and rang and rang, and —

clearly the husband was not getting it [he was outside smoking.]

So I ran for the phone, damp and towel-wrapped –

and jammed my pinky toe backwards against the bathroom door-board.

It did not hurt much – until last night, after I had been standing, cooking all afternoon. Then it began to hurt like a mother-f-er, 2 high power aspirin made no dent in the pain.

And then I took a look at it.

Good lord, it is all purple and 5 times the size it should be, and possibly broken – ack!

So, the foot is up and iced, and I am out of commission for a few days – I hope that is all.

I may tape it – I read that is all that is done if it is broken anyway.

Damn toe.


8 responses to “Pinky toe trauma

  1. You need to keep it iced for at least the first 48 hours.

    And keep it elevated. Bedrest Michele! Like that’s gonna happen, LOL.

  2. Yikes indeed!!! Take very good care and make husband take very good care of you!!!


    I was coming here to wish you a:

    Merry and Merry and Happy Happy !!!

    and that still stands but now I am sending some mad healing vibes to the toe as well…

  3. Thanks Kitty & Sulya.

    I have been keeping it up and iced, and I am getting very bored, lol. I think it is probably not broken because I can finally wiggle it, but am staying in again today to rest it. Sucko.

  4. Ow. Feel better soon.

  5. Thanks Max. It hurts a little less, now I am trying to find a shoe to fit it in. I may be wearing the pink Uggs to work tomorrow.

  6. Definitely stick with the Uggs.

  7. I am. I feel so short in flats.

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