Holiday rash

This morning before we left on the road trip, I went to the dermo to get my stitches removed.

She had taken a biopsy of the rash that is all over the place now, to find out what kind of eczema it is.

Only, it is not eczema, I got the reults today, it is…

pityriasis rosea.

Which is basically – a rash, cause unknown but possibly viral, that is benign and self-limiting and that goes away on its own.

In weeks. Or … months.

The thing is – it says the typical rash looks like a Christmas tree pattern on the back.

So my back is basically one big Christmas card.


2 responses to “Holiday rash

  1. It’s good to know it’ll go away.

    Shaped like a Christmas tree and not a menorah? LOL. That’s what you get for making fun of Christmas dreidels. LOL.

  2. Hmm – it could be an upside-down dreidel.

    Honestly, I am glad it is nothing serious, it just looks damn ugly.

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