A new music find

I heard about them first on NPR’s best music of the year listener poll.

I read about them in New York Magazine’s best music of 2008 article. 

And again on AFP Paris where they came in as number one – best album of the year –

“Fleet Foxes, “Fleet Foxes”: The revelation of the year. The Seattle five-piece burst onto the scene with their inventive, sweet-sounding music that draws from 1960s pop, gospel and folk.”

All this press, I had to go find them. Yesterday I could not stop listening to their music on the Fleet Foxes myspace page.

And then I bought the CD for the husband for his [Christmas eve] birthday.

Here are a couple of songs from youtube, the first is their most popular, the second I really like too:


2 responses to “A new music find

  1. I’ve never heard of these guys, but I like their sound.

    Bought the CD for the hubby, right? LOL.

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