Tales from the shopping front

Friday night –

We go to the Franco’s clothing going-out-of-business sale, in search for gifts for my mother. Franco’s is a local upscale boutique, and it rented a store just for this sale.

Husband and I, the only customers, are browsing the racks when this older African American salesman, in a suit, approaches me, looks at me quizzically, and says “Don’t I know you from somewhere? What’s your name?”

Husband thinks – “what a come on line.”

I check him out, hmm, and say “Michele…”

He smiles, says “Ah, Michele [ last name]!”

I say “Spencer? From DM Williams?”

Yes, it is the salesman from a store I used to shop near work, another boutique gone out of business that I have not been to in 5 years.

This guy remembered me from 5 years ago.

Husband laughed, “She was one of your best customers, huh?”

Not so sure I like this rep. Hmm.


Yesterday –

Two girlfriends traipse out with me at lunch to Target, I am in search for some gifts for the husband, I have a list and everything.

We detour on the way to eat Mexican, then run through the rain to the store.

Right up at the entrance there are these cute-as-hell Christmas tees for $4. Not sickly cute, just little black tees with little studded Christmas trees on the front. Also, there was a gray one with a little penguin.

We all grab one, carry them around the whole store while shopping for other stuff. And I could not find one damn item on my list, what is up with that?

On the way out, generally miffed at the whole Target experience, I say – “I’m not sure I want this shirt I am putting it back.”

I put it back.

They do too.


2 responses to “Tales from the shopping front

  1. Well of course he remembered you.
    Who could ever forget the Michele experience.

    Last night I was at the store and saw they are now selling Sham Wows in stores. I had to have it. Carried it around the store the entire time and just as I got to the counter I put it back. What the hell do I need these for? I thought.
    Then I bathed my dogs and remembered. Wished I had those damn things. (Those are those little towels that suck up enormous amounts of liquids. The Olympic swimmers use them.)

  2. Well then you must go back and get them!

    I had a much more successful shopping experience yesterday – finished getting all the gifts in less than 20 minutes. So – totally done now.

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