Clay Christmas Sunday

To get into gift wrapping today –

I now pronounce this “Clay Christmas Sunday.”

You may be surprised, as many are, that these are really quite good.

This is “”My Grown Up Christmas List” from the “All is Well” EP.

And here is a mix of the album song which splits into a [superb] concert performance of “Don’t Save it All for Christmas Day.”  From the “Merry Christmas with Love” album.

And my favorite, live: Hark the Herald Angels Sing/Come All Ye Faithful


2 responses to “Clay Christmas Sunday

  1. You’ve gotten all of your shopping done?
    I’m such a wasteoid. I only have a few things I’ve gotten from the internet.

  2. I did it all on Friday night except for the husband’s stuff – so just a few to left to get. Got everything wrapped, and my father’s stuff shipped too. Whew.

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