That party

dancing2Today, December the 13th, is the anniversary of the infamous after-hours office holiday party.

The one where the restaurant got the dates mixed up so gave us an extra two hours of open bar while they set up downstairs.

The one where I got all dressed up in a black velvet mini-skirt and black lace stockings and silver sparkles on my eyes.

The one where there was this guy I really really liked and crushed on for over a year. The kind of crush that one never thinks is going to come to anything and maybe shouldn’t because I was [unhappily] living with someone else at the time.

And that guy – he asked me if I would like to go home with him. And I went to tell my friend Glow but she was half-passed out on the toilet.

We took a cab to his eastside Manhattan apartment.

And after another drink and a little more conversation…

We danced to this.

And then it got real interesting….

And now – he is my husband.


6 responses to “That party

  1. Awesome story Michele. Just to think if the restaurant hadn’t mixed things up…
    Did you already know him from work?

  2. Yeah that mix-up certainly broke down everyone’s inhibitions that night. The stories from that party lingered for years. We all still talk about that party.

    Yeah, I knew him, we had flirted for a while.

  3. Unanticipated free booze, silver sparkles… Roxy Music, flirting and more… Yes, that is a very good story… A good story with a very nice ending (smile).

  4. I think of that night as the “real” anniversary…

  5. Michele,

    What a great romantic story! Do you get dressed up in the “mini and fishnets” every year to celebrate??

    You and Kitty are so very clever with your blogs! I still can’t figure out how to do anything advanced like music, videos, good pics or falling snow (Kitty!!) *Sigh* I am technologically challenged.

  6. Julie – yeah, we got dressed up for those parties – all the “girls” used to get dressed in the ladies room at work before the parties. They don’t do those parties anymore though.

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