bah-humbugI can not get into the holidays yet – it seems like one big chore for me this year.

So, this is my kvetching post, such as it is.

There is all this schedule turmoil. I do not know if I am going to be able to squeeze in a visit to my father with the 3 days of vacation I have left this year because things may happen at work to preclude that but I have not heard anything definate yet so everything is on hold and I hate that. I do not even know if I should ship gifts or deliver them personally. Ack. [Plus I have no idea what to buy.]

The freaky bumps have returned, actually they have never left just spread all over the place and is probably eczema but who knows, and the dermo cut a chunk out of my side to check what kind it is and gave me a shot that I think is making me sick because I have chills and nausea and a sharp pain on my side that nearly sent me to the ER last night but instead I loaded up on pain pills and made it to – now. And the pain is still there but duller. And I cannot get to the doc till Monday. I hope I live… but I have to go Christmas shopping today and wrap everything and ship it out [see above.]

Okay, just so it is not all gloom and doom, there is an E True Hollywood story tonite on E at 9 – on Clay Aiken. Yay!

And tomorrow’s post will be way more interesting it is the anniversary of the infamous office holiday party.



5 responses to “Bah

  1. How was the Clay story? Did it perk you up?

  2. How are the bumps now?

  3. The bumps are still there, but I think they have slightly faded. That shot is making me not feel too hot though.

    The Clay thing was not great. Too much focus on the “scandals” aspect, not enough on the talent. But, that is what sells, I guess.

  4. Glad to hear the bumps have faded…. Take it easy, honey, until you feel better…

    If it’s any consolation, I don’t have bumps of any kind (at present) and I am still a holiday grouch and a half. Bitter and mardy about the whole damn season and cannot think of a damn thing to buy my dad… Oh well. Must go brave the -25C weather now and see if my car will start *sigh*…

    I really do hope you feel better soon!

  5. Thanks Sulya, I am pretty much staying in and wrapping today.

    I went to the book store yesterday and one other store and finished shopping – it feels like a weight lifted. When in doubt – buy books.

    Stay warm! [it is f-in freezin’ here]

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