Freebies at Saks?


I just received this email from my [not so] local Saks offering:

• FREE Stocking Stuffers
• FREE Makeovers
• FREE Beauty Treatments
• FREE Personalized Fragrance Experience

I know the economy is bad, but this is an alternative universe.

Next they will be giving away shoes.

I am wary of this whole free makeover thing. The last time I did that, I told my best friend about it and she went to Lord & Taylor and got all made up and hit the bars and met this guy, who she married and who decided he was going to control her every move and that she could not have any friends – just him – and I have never heard from her again.


4 responses to “Freebies at Saks?

  1. The stores here are already marking their holiday decorations half price.

  2. I got my present early – yesterday.

    Husband got me the Blackberry Storm. Now I have to figure out how the damn thing works, lol. I started playing with it last night, and he is like – “stop, you’ll break it!”

  3. Oh my God. You got a new mobile. I can’t believe it.

    That’s a nice gift.

  4. Yeah, it’s about time right?

    I had hinted at getting a new one for Christmas. After I saw my sister’s iPhone.

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