Vampire dreams

Maybe it is because we have been watching “True Blood” on HBO.

Or maybe it is because there suddenly seems to be a lot of talk about vampires lately.

Whatever the reason…

It seems that this whole vampire thing has invaded the husband’s sleep, because the other morning – way early, like 4 am, while fast asleep, he reached his arm around me, tensed up his whole body and – tried to bite my eye.

He does not remember this. He does not remember me yanking away and shouting “WTF are you doing?!” [His response was the grunt of someone in deep deep sleep.]

When I told him in the morning, he laughed his ass off.


7 responses to “Vampire dreams

  1. Jeez. Maybe he should sleep in another room till this phase passes.

  2. [Or at least till he can tell the difference between an eye and a neck.]

  3. Oh this morning he pretended he was asleep and did it again. Funny guy.

  4. Have you seen Twilight? You must, you must, you must.

  5. What AJ said. Twilight is great.

  6. Yeah, Michele go see Twilight but leave the hubby home.

  7. I have been thinking of seeing Twilight.

    No prob with that, he would not want to see it probably – at least not before it is on dvd.

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