The fireplace and the smoke detector

It is so cold here today that I have been thinking of starting the fireplace.

It is a pass-through fireplace, between two rooms.



The thing is – we never light the fireplace, because the first time we did this, on our first Christmas in the house, it set off the smoke detectors. The shrieking pierced through the house, and we had to scramble to figure out which one was the culprit. Arrgh.

So, this morning, I woke up to smoke detector hell – a battery went, and the little shriek kept calling out – and I could not figure out where it was coming from. This at 4:14 a.m.

This is telling me – light the damn fireplace. But. Dust it [inside] this time. If I have to listen to smoke-detector hell, I may as well be warm.


12 responses to “The fireplace and the smoke detector

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  2. My smoke detector is currently gagged and bound in the pantry. I guess I should fix that. Oops.

    Hey when is the last time you had that chimney cleaned? If you have never really used the fireplace before you might want to get that done.

  3. Yeah, cleaning the chimney would be a good idea. The fireplace in the other room uses the chimney, the one here uses a vent system. Which I forgot how to turn on.

    You should fix that smoke detector. Why is it gagged and bound?

  4. It gets really excitable when its reserve battery is low and it keeps beeping even after I pull the reserve and unplug it from the system and I replaced the battery and then that battery I guess was stale or something because it went unhinged again and — I stuffed and gagged it and it will stay stuffed and gagged till I remember to buy it a new battery. It always gets tiffy at some ungodly hour like 6 am too. Grrr.

  5. I totally understand gagging that thing – I was none too happy this morning with that damn beeping and shrieking.

  6. That is a lovely fireplace and it should be lit. I know you have the wood.

    Sometimes in a new home the chimney is not built up high enough. That can cause the flue not to draw the smoke out the fireplace.

  7. Actually it is a gas fireplace, so – no excuses.

    Lighting it last night would have been nice – it snowed here last evening.

  8. You know you have to open the flue on that thing even though it is a gas fireplace?

  9. If that is your place I suggest you invest in a fold out sofa for when I am in town.

  10. [I get the good bed, AJ gets the futon.]

  11. That fireplace has some kind of ventilation system going on that is not all that clear to me.

    You can visit anytime, and fight over beds, lol.

  12. [You are such a bully]

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