Joyful Noise

This is the first year in, I guess 4?

That I have not gone to Clay Aiken’s “Joyful Noise” Christmas concert.

Because there is none!

One year, I won a meet and greet and met him back stage. Well, it was more a meet without the greet.  My fault entirely. But, I digress.

Here is his usual encore song, “All is Well.”

Be sure to listen to that last note at the end. Or, only that, if you must.


5 responses to “Joyful Noise

  1. No joyful noise for Michele?
    That is just wrong.

  2. Holy shit, are you Ok? Will you survive? Do you need a central line of his greatest hits from idol?

  3. I am hanging on, aj, lol.

    I’ve got all of his cds, but that is just not the same as in person, sigh.

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