Romantic Symphony

My father called the other day to tell me about some music he heard on NPR early last Sunday morning.

It stopped him in his tracks.

“It transported me to the heavens” he said.

And he told me that this may sound crazy, but he was no longer in the kitchen, he was up in the clouds, dancing with the wife that he lost too soon, and she wore a beautiful dress and a beautiful smile.

It did not sound crazy to me, it sounded wonderful.

He asked if I could find that symphony for him. 

I found it.

It is “Symphony #2, Romantic Symphony” – composed by Howard Hanson.


5 responses to “Romantic Symphony

  1. I haven’t been transported by music like that in a long time… Lucky man to have had the feeling and the daughter to find the music for him (smile).

  2. Funny, he first told me the composer’s name was Kemper or Kempler – way off. But he remembered the name of it.

  3. Beautiful, Michele. Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful moment. It’s cinematic, Michele. I can see it.

  5. It is a beautiful piece of music – I had never heard it before.

    Thanks – I am glad you guys enjoyed it.

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