Christmas Dreidls?

I saw these at the Kennedy Center gift shop last week.

Christmas dreidls.  Get that? Christmas dreidls?

They light up when you spin them too. I know this because I kept spinning them, playing with them, carrying them around the store, talking out loud to anyone around.

Some lady laughed, shook her head. She got it.

Then I had to get a picture.



Now I have the urge to hear the Dreidl song. Just – because…


5 responses to “Christmas Dreidls?

  1. Christmas dreidls, I get it. LOL.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Michele.

  2. You too – hope you had a great day!

  3. It’s not any weirder than a “Christmas” tree, I guess.

  4. LOL. Christmas Dreidls are indeed amusing. It’s like decorating a Hanukkah Bush…

  5. Lol. Hanukkah bush. When I was a kid, my father built a 5 foot high dreidl that he used to put the gifts under, lol. It spun around too.

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