DSL and the cat video

So I finally got DSL today, and have been playing with Youtube. At home! Woo hoo!

And found this cat video that cracks me up –


8 responses to “DSL and the cat video

  1. This is hilarious! I wonder if he can fix my fax machine? I saw another video with a cat riding one of those remote vacuum cleaners. Makes me want to get one. A cat… that is, not a remote vacuum cleaner! DSL will set you free, Michele.

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  3. DSL at home – what a joy!

    That cat is so funny. Makes me miss my cat.

  4. DSL – it’s about time. Now you need a cat or two. Unless you wanna puppy. Check out the puppy cam:

  5. It IS about f-in time.

    That link does not work for me…

  6. Now it wants me to download something, jeez. I’ll check it later.

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