More food…

dim-sumIt seems that the reason for this trip to DC this weekend to see a concert at the Kennedy Center has turned into a trip to DC this weekend to eat, and, oh, let’s go to a concert while we are there.

So the foodie friends have all the meals planned and they are all asian – thai tonite, peking duck tomorrow nite [okay I threw that one in there, I cannot miss peking duck when I am near DC], and their fave dim sum place for brunch on Sunday.

I have no idea what else we will do while there – I’ll let you know when I get back, fat and [not] happy.

I will just need to diet like a mad-woman when I return. Sigh.


2 responses to “More food…

  1. That is a nice new avatar you have there Michele.

    Blane Jr. started on a diet this past week. He wants to lose 30 pounds in 30 days.

    The only time I did that was when I had a baby.

    The Asian food is not high calorie, is it?

  2. Thanks Kitty [smile].

    I ate way too much this weekend.

    I am going back on the diet too. What diet is Blane doing?

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