Obama watching the returns

There is a cool album of behind-the-scenes photos of the Obama’s and Bidens watching election night returns here on Flickr, posted by his campaign [photos by David Katz.]

I love the hope and anxiousness in this pic.


This one too.



6 responses to “Obama watching the returns

  1. Beautiful.

    It is a new day rising for humanity, and it will include a new emphasis on the Arts:


    We did it.

    Yes we did.

  2. I didn’t know Obama had a Flickr page.
    Great find. Those are great captures.

  3. Comedians and political satirists are going to have a rough time of it after a long golden era (with the peak being Sarah Palin). But seeing as most of them have some brains, I think they’re willing to bite the bullet.

    For Fox News, unfortunately, they’ll probably take it to a new level of sleaze (if that’s even possible).

  4. Yeah, Kitty, did you see all the pics there? There were lots.

    Bruddahbob – Fox is now having a field day blaming Palin on McCain’s loss – per his top campaign aides. That is sleazy too.

  5. I did and enjoyed them.
    Since you posted, one of the networks has done a news story on it.

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