Election agita

I can say I have never felt this tense about an upcoming presidential election – ever.

I look at polls.

I watch TV [not that nasty lying twisted cable news network]

I read about how vile and vicious the other side’s campaign increasingly gets as the date nears. Desperate acts that know no bounds of truth or morality, that gear to peoples’ worst base fears and even worse cracks of prejudice. The words have escalated from un-patriotic to un-American to terrorist to socialist to communist, and now they are bandishing the H word – as in holocaust. Gotta get those Florida voters.

And how all this is apparently working to tighten the race just a little.

And what the heck is up with these undecided voters?

In less than 72 hours, this will hopefully be all over. Hopefully, because this could still be contested. Or stolen. [Again.]

Oh dear god.


12 responses to “Election agita

  1. that is an amazing graphic.

    I’m going block walking again on Monday, one last push to get out the vote.

    I remember being this engaged in 2004, but it was more about kicking Bush out of office.

    This time, he’s out the door for sure.

  2. Good for you, going block walking. Be careful, though. My neighborhood is full of McCain signs.

    I’ll be up real late Tuesday night, no way will I be able to go to bed until this is called.

  3. Maybe we can get Max to set up a chat?

    I’ve got a couple of parties we were invited to, so I’ve got to show my face for a little while but I’m not going to stay long.

  4. Maybe late? I know I will be glued to the tv with the husband.

  5. That makes a kinky visual picture, Michele.

    Obama in ’08.

    Mo’bama in ’12.

  6. Glad you guys like it.


  7. Hey Michele. Five and a half more hours.

  8. Hey Michele.


  9. Woo hoo yay yay yay!


  10. Yes We Did!!

    : )

  11. I think this was the first time I ever voted for the winner.

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