7 things?

Kitty wants me to write 7 things you don’t know about me. Oy.

Here goes. 

1. I don’t eat oysters. Or mussels. Basically, I do not eat anything that is slimy and that can slip and slide down my throat without chewing.

2. I was on the math team. In middle school. And in high school. Contrary to popular belief, there are some hot guys on math teams. Just saying.

3. I once walked into a burning house to investigate where the fire was coming from. I was 11. I got grounded for that.

4. One Saturday when I was 27, I had 3 dates on the same day. In the same outfit. I was real proud of that too.

5. I belonged to Delta Phi Epsilon sorority. Our nickname was dogs, pigs, and elephants. Thankfully, the pig’s head left on the doorstep arrived the year after I moved out of the house.

6. One particularly drunken night in college, my friend Glow and I stood on top of a really steep hill and shouted  “Are you gay?” to all passersby. Until someone called the campus police on us.

7. I really do not like making small talk with strangers in elevators. Sorry, people who I ride in elevators with. Nothing personal.

Oops – I have to tag –

Sulya, Drew, Carl, Nancy, and Chris.


13 responses to “7 things?

  1. Three dates in one day spells overachiever.

  2. Would it sound sleezy if I said I was living with one of the 3?

  3. Well you married him it cannot be all that sleazy. Does he know you were dating two other guys the same day?

  4. [Even I would answer that “yes.”]

  5. None of them knew at the time.

    He knows now [he was not the one I was living with, and did not know I was living with someone at the time]

  6. In #6, who were you looking for? Clay?

  7. I am not even sure if Clay was born yet…

    We just got off on insulting guys’ manhood…

  8. OK, well, we were very drunk.

    And I think they were just threatening to call campus police.

  9. I recall being questioned by campus police.

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  11. Cool twist on that meme, Sulya.

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