NH film festival rocked (again)!

We had the best time at the New Hampshire Film Festival in Portsmouth!

4 days packed of films [shorts, features, & documentaries], really great industry panel discussions  and after parties.

I think we saw at least 20 shorts and 6 features/documentaries – The Life Before Her Eyes with Uma Thurman and Evan Rachel Wood, Wellness, August with Josh Hartnett and David Bowie, Transsiberian with Woody Harrelson, I.O.U.S.A., and Chronic Town [my favorite.] And we missed dozens more. 

I really loved the short Epicac, based on a Kurt Vonnegut short story. It was really moving. Husband liked Free Lunch the best. We both loved this short-short [really short] animated film –For You.

We also attended 4 panel discussions that were highly informative and interactive – [budgeting, from script to screen, working in the film business, and short filmmaking].

And then, of course, we ate. Especially from this homemade chocolate shop… [peanut butter cups, chocolate covered potato chips, oops, I digress…]

What was really cool were the Q&As after the films – with directors, producers, actors involved in the films.  One film, I.O.U.S.A., a documentary about the US budget deficit, had NH Senator Gregg on stage after the film to answer questions as well.

What was even better – the people involved in the festival and the people attending were very friendly, warm, and welcoming. It really is a nice, supportive film community there. Plus the town of Portsmouth is really nice [and close to Maine and lobster.]

We are definately treking up there again next year. If you are in the area, meet us there!


Some trailers:

Epicac: – go here.


Chronic Town:


2 responses to “NH film festival rocked (again)!

  1. That Chronic Town looks good.

    You would find the chocolate place. You tried the chocolate covered potato chips didn’t you?

  2. It was good.

    So were the chocolate covered potato chips. Ate one bag there, bought another one for the ride home.

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