Crazy-ass boots

How long can you walk in these boots without tipping over or throwing out your back?

[These £3,300 thigh-high PVC boots were made to order for Victoria Beckham by Antonio Berardi.]


8 responses to “Crazy-ass boots

  1. I should have married an athlete.

  2. You still can.

    But would you buy those boots?

  3. Well I do not have any occasion for those boots at the moment.

  4. They look pretty scary to me.

  5. I consider them a very interesting and creative bit of design. Compelling. But I also do not find them at all attractive. And, I’m with michele here – they are a smidge scary lol…

  6. Plus, I don’t like how they bunch up in back of the knees.

  7. Those boots are not for human use.

    Dammit, the heel is the best part of any footwear.

  8. I am still trying to figure out how one actually walks in these.

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