Shanah Tovah

When I was younger, I used to fast and go to synagogue on Yom Kippur . That is today.

I remember always getting a new dress and shoes to wear to temple.

I remember the prayer in memory of loved family members gone.

I remember walking to a little bridge above a pond with my father and sister, and throwing our sins into the water.

I remember looking forward to making the new year better.

And, I remember the rabbi blowing the shofar at the end of the day.

Shanah Tovah. [Have a good year.]


5 responses to “Shanah Tovah

  1. You have a good year too Miss.

    [I cannot believe Stil is in an Orthodox neighborhood on Yom Kippur.]

  2. “throwing our sins into a river”

    I love that image.

  3. Thanks Max.

    Poor Stil, lol.

    Kitty – that image has remained with me forever.

  4. Perhaps I never totally bought into Yom Kippur because I was against moral water pollution and in favor of eating.

  5. Oh come on – water pollution? Lol.

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