Pretty scary


5 responses to “Pretty scary

  1. Totally unrelated to this post, I just noticed the tiny smiley face in the top right of your blog. Over in the abyss. Is this like a “where’s Wally?” challenge?

  2. Blane sent this to a few of his conservative friends. They usually fight back and send him what they got on our guy.
    This time, they were silent.

  3. I don’t see a smiley face. Maybe it just stopped by for a visit?

    Hey, Kitty, did you see the debate?

  4. Yeah, we watched it. I don’t think McCain did so well.

  5. Me neither. He seemed so angry and petulant.

    I hear he said “my friends” 22 times. Pity the people who picked those words for a drinking game.

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