Nielsen calling

My caller-id tells me it is Nielsen ringing the phone, and as I reach to pick up, husband yells “don’t!”

I do. I am curious about this Nielsen thing. 

So it is a woman who I first think is doing a survey and I say “how long is this going to take?’ As if I am really busy on a Sunday morning.

She says “2 minutes” and within 2 minutes they are sending me some devices to place on my tv’s.


I tell husband the news. Now he says “great!”

He means it too.

Me – I am torn.

I hear about Nielsen ratings all the time. No-one ever asks me what is good on tv. [not much lately.]

Um. But do I really want people to monitor what I watch on tv? In this era of privacy rights going down the tube? [pun intended.]

I am not so sure.

Maybe I will leave the tv off for a while. Send those devices in empty.


Oh – this too — it seems that people really care what I think this weekend because —

Yesterday I was polled as to who I will vote for. Likely because I live in a swing state. [boy do I miss NY.]

The woman asked. I told.

The woman then asked – “How certain are you – a little, almost, very –”

I say “100% certain.”

Now that felt good.

the pic is “public television’ by emerson brown


9 responses to “Nielsen calling

  1. If you have cable, someone is monitoring what you watch.

  2. I wish I had cable. I have satellite.

  3. I had a neighbor who pulled me to the side at a party. Drunk as all hell.
    Said, “I have a secret. We’re a Nielsen family. Don’t ever tell a soul.”

    Next day she calls and asks if she happened to discuss her television the night before.

    I said, “Yeah, you told me you make a lot of money just for letting someone know what you watch on tv, you skank.”

    She freaked. Supposedly there were a lot of people out there who would pay Nielsen families to watch certain things and throw the stats.

    Anyway, wouldn’t it be nice if someone came to you with a suitcase full of money just to watch their show? And it’s a show you like?

  4. Um, I was picked to do the Nielsen thing, they gave me a box, I plugged it in, after a little while they took it back, and they gave me something like five bucks as a courtesy gesture for hosting their box. There was no big money in it.

  5. My friend was making something like $200 per month. Plus they paid for her cable and if i remember, they bought her a tv.

    And that was in the early 90s.

    Of course she was drunk as a skunk and I probably was too, so those numbers could be way inflated.

  6. Hmm … no-one offered me any money.

  7. Man… I know a show I’d love you to watch… it’s on CBS in the afternoons… smile smile…

  8. I saw you on there the other day… you were the one with the flip flops.

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