I’m verklempt

The news is out – Clay. Is. Gay.


I guess I can still crush on a gay guy?

Yes we can!

Actually, I am proud of him for coming out.

And the fans are very supportive.

And Clay is very thankful for his fans being very supportive.

What a guy.



6 responses to “I’m verklempt

  1. Well you never really were available anyway…

  2. Oh, honey… I’ve been under a rock this last week or so… I’m so sorry… I’m here to administer alcohol and hugs should you need them.

  3. Thanks, lol.

    I am trying to adjust. Saw him on tv, and, damn, I still luv the guy. Sigh.

  4. Gosh. At this point in time, I think you should be thankful that Bosley does not blog.

  5. Ah – but he hit me up on facebook with it.

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