The mystery bag

I needed to get a new bag, so I went into Macy’s Saturday.

It needed to be black, and it needed to be leather.

I found this great big slouchy hobo bag, made of really soft leather. Lots of inside pockets, too.

Problem? No price tag.

No others in the store either. So –

The salesgirl walks it over to the other bags – it is Liz Claiborne – and finds one “similar.”

Only it is not similar, this one is made of some croc-print leather and is smaller. And it is $85.

She gives me the bag for $85 minus 20% off – just in case. So – $71.

I surf online for hours when I get home – to see if I got a deal or not.

I cannot find this bag anywhere.

It is one of a kind.

I like it even more now.


4 responses to “The mystery bag

  1. $71 for one of a kind is a bargain my friend. Nicely done.

  2. That sounds like a good deal to me. I am betting it was much more.

  3. Was there any money in it?
    Last week I found a handbag in the shoe department without a price tag. Opened it and found a stash of monopoly money. Some little kid lost her purse. So I brought it to customer service and told the guy someone lost their purse and there was money in it. He opened it right up and then looked at me laughing his head off.

  4. I am thinking it was a bargain too – the leather is real nice.

    Kitty, only you would find money in a bag, lol. Monopoly money, too – that is funny.

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