Leather leggings – really?

Leather leggings are the “it” thing this fall.

I am not so sure about this leather leggings thing –

you need to have really great legs.

My thighs would be screaming out “hello!”


13 responses to “Leather leggings – really?

  1. Damn those are some skinny legs.

  2. I haven’t had legs like that since… ?

  3. I am still recovering from the shock of metalic gold leggings.

  4. Maybe 6.

    Metallic gold leggings? Where?

  5. Oh wow. You have not seen these? Let me find a link: http://www.ebelle5.com/images/collections/2150.jpg

  6. Oh wow – those ones on the left look like real gold.

  7. It all looks like too much effort for me.

  8. Hmm, when I see those metallic ones, I think ‘braces’…

  9. Yeah.
    Think polio survivor…

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