There’s an article in New York magazine about leaving New York City – with a great deal of focus on destination – Buffalo.

I left NYC 16 years ago, so read this with great interest – until I choked on my coffee on —

“When we think about leaving New York, we usually think about what we would lose, and rarely about what we might gain. To that end, prospective destinations are measured by how similar they are to here. Philadelphia is New York, but cheaper. San Francisco is New York, but gentler. It’s the “squint” factor: Well, if I squint, it’s like New York, sort of, and I guess I can live with that.”

I wonder – have I been squinting for 16 years now and did not know it?


6 responses to “Squinting

  1. That person is confused. It would take a face full of pepper spray to think for a second San Francisco and New York are alike.

  2. That or permanent shut-eye. And I like SF.

  3. I like both San Francisco and New York but outside of both being port cities with a high real estate ticket I cannot think of much they have in common.

  4. Yeah they each have distinctive character. Whereas, some “cities” do not, and could be squint-worthy.

  5. There’s no place like home.

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