Food boon

Today we went to check out the 2-days old Whole Food market near my home. To someone who has moved from Manhattan to southern country/suburbia, this was a happening.

I mean, where else can I buy 6 kinds of gourmet olives in one day?

Oh, and the cheese bar – good god. Bought 3 of them.

Fresh Chilean sea bass, coffee-dusted flank steak, gnocchi, homemade onion dip, fresh figs, eggplant salad, 2 bags of gourmet chips, real crusty italian bread, spicy sopressata….

Plus all the things we left there for the next trip [homemade sausages and bratwurst, biscotti, fruit pies…]

It was 1 1/2 hours of food heaven.

And a good thing we are getting tropical storm Hanna tomorrow we will be hunkered down in the house with all this food.

Stay tuned for next week – we are getting Trader Joe’s too.



27 responses to “Food boon

  1. We have a Whole Foods in town but I’ve never gone in there. I’ll have to check it out now that I’ve this post.

    I was wondering if that storm was headed your way. Stay safe. Sounds like you’re stocked up as well as you can be.

  2. Oh, you should check it out. I was really impressed with the cheese bar.

    The storm is coming in tonight, but I think we won’t be getting hit too bad , we are not that close to the ocean – they are saying 30-40 mph wind, with lots of rain.

  3. Hunker down. Let us know you’re safe as soon as you can.

  4. Sheesh now I am hungry.

    Stay safe and dry.

  5. I will.

    Safe, dry, and stuffed.

  6. When Trader Joe’s opens, let us know if two buck chuck (quite respectable cheap wine) costs now. If it’s up to 4 bucks, I’ll be very upset.

    No Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s within ten miles of us, much to our disappointment. But the thing that we would really love to see open nearby is giant supermarket Wegmans.

  7. I hear we may get a Wegman’s too. Not sure why the sudden interest in food down here…

    I am not sure I would ever be allowed to bring 2 buck chuck into this house…

  8. michele, that sounds lovely. Nuthin’ like a good grocery store and an excuse to do nothing but cozy up and nibble on the bounty.

    And do stay safe as you stay cozy and full…

  9. Thanks Sulya, the storm is over, it was not too bad wind-wise just real heavy rain.

  10. Thanks Sulya, the storm is over, it was not too bad wind-wise just real heavy rain.

  11. Michele, I texted you to see how you were doing. I’m seeing a whole lot of flooding on the news.
    Hope you’re not affected by that.

  12. Just got it, Kitty, the phone was charging.

    I’m doing okay, thanks for checking. We don’t have flooding around where I am.

  13. Thanks for checking in, glad to know you’re okay, Michele.
    Did you cook some of that stuff you bought?
    First thing I do during a storm is turn that stove on and cook a big pot of something.

  14. Actually, we grilled that coffee-dusted flank steak – it was great. Kept me up all night though…

  15. I love grapes.

  16. Aj, lol. I thought you love chocolate.

  17. I do. I really love grapes also. Could eat bunches of them at a time. Pity natural sugar still adds pounds.

  18. Yeah, but you could eat way more grapes than chocolate for the same pounds.

  19. Oh now you are in trouble, you are trying to cut into AJ’s chocolate eating time.

  20. Chocolate coated grapes could be a nice medium.

  21. I like chocolate covered strawberries.

  22. I just tried fresh lychees – they were great. I always just had the canned ones in Chinese restaurants.

  23. I tried lychee jelly just last week. I like it.

  24. Where’d you get that from?

  25. I am afraid to ask what a lychee is.

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