Now for freaky face…

First the bumps. On the hand, arms.

Now, the face.

The left side swelled up, under my eye. The cheek too.

So I go to the clinic (it was Saturday), he says it is an infection (cellulitis) on the face. Could be a bug bite. Who knows? So I get antibiotics, start taking them. He says to come back in 48 hours if it is not getting better.

I read all over the web this could be serious. Go to the brain, ack.

This morning, it has moved to my nose, my upper lip. But I think it stopped moving this afternoon. Not sure though.

What in the hell? Jeez.


14 responses to “Now for freaky face…

  1. So really he does not know what caused it and is just giving you antibiotics that might work or might not so come back in 48 hours if they do not?

    I do not find this very reassuring. I guess it is why they call it medical “practice” though. It always seems to be practice.

  2. Yeah, they are real good at treating the symptoms.

    This was a clinic because it was Saturday.

    I have no clue why this is or what this is.

  3. If it was just that spot on your face that swelled up, well that is like a sting or bite, but spreading to the hands and then other areas, that is more like contact reaction to something. Do you know what poison oak looks like?

  4. I have no idea what poison oak looks like.

    There were no spots on my face, that is what is odd. Just, my eye swelled up (underneath), then the cheek.

    It has gone down a little bit, either the antibiotics are working or the allergy is subsiding. The spots are still on my hand though, I am not sure if they are related or not?

  5. I am so glad it is getting better. Yay!

  6. Thanks – me too – pretty scary.

    Of course I am going to try to figure out what the hell this is still – can’t help myself.

  7. Well it would be good to know. If you do not know what caused it you cannot do anything to prevent it happening again in the future.

  8. How are things today michele? Better? Worse? Any clue as to what it is?

  9. Sulya – much better, thanks. It is pretty much all back to normal size.

    And no, I have no clues what caused it which is the most disconcerting thing. I have an appt. with the doc at work today, to see what he thinks. He is a good diagnostician [sp?].

  10. YEY! – I’m so glad it’s better michele. I will be interested to hear what the work doc thinks…

  11. Glad it’s better Michele. That is so strange.

  12. Thanks.

    The doc has no clue – only that the antibiotics works, so keep taking them. Hmmph.

  13. I am glad i was hanging with you before the outbreak. Otherwise I would have been blamed. For sure…

  14. I am sure it is still your fault.

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