Freaky bumps

Last week – I noticed a red bump on the top of my hand, right under my thumb.

Another on the inside of my wrist.

Another on the inside of my other forearm.

One more yesterday on my thumb.

Tomorrow I go to the dermo, but in the meantime, I have killed myself off. Again. I am telling myself – something is spreading.

Of course, it could be insect bites, I stood outside on line for the Bruce concert at 7 PM last week. But these do not itch. [I normally do not spend any time outdoors.]

Perhaps I ate something? But – I can’t remember eating something un-ordinary.

Or, perhaps it is an ominous sign of something. I keep going back there, sigh.


5 responses to “Freaky bumps

  1. Have you been eating Brazil nuts?

  2. Welcome to the club. I’ve had that same mystery. It remains unsolved to this very day.

  3. Really? Are your’s still there?

    The dermo said eczema but I do not believe her I have never had that and these are discrete bumps. I am putting steroid ointment on them, see her again in 2 weeks.

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