The diaries of others

Today I got sucked in to reading this New York magazine blog called “Sex Diaries.”

I spent hours reading these diaries that, although couched as sex, really are about relationships and love-life mishaps, with plenty of advice-givers in the comments.

The funny thing is – one of these diaries seems so like my own life [in my 20s, not now!] it was scary and I feel real compelled to give this girl some advice but won’t. Some of you will be able to pick that one out.

Anyway, some of the titles are intriguing, I have not read all of these:

“The blissfully engaged web guy”
“The heartbroken summer U.N. intern”
“The possibly cuckolded Wall Street dad”
“The loner guy trying not to be a loner”
“The Jewish Carrie”
“The terrified-of-seeing-the-ex fashion student”
“The guy in the smoking-hot not-quite-in-love relationship”
“The, um, interactive producer in a workplace affair”…

If anything, it’s been a hell of an entertaining way to fill a lazy afternoon.


4 responses to “The diaries of others

  1. Blissfully Engaged Web guy is funny.

  2. Yeah, he is. So is Jewish Carrie.

  3. That is the first time I’ve seen you have a lazy afternoon.

    You deserve it, too.

  4. Yeah, perhaps I should at least take a shower, lol.

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