We went to see Bruce Springsteen last night and it was one of the best concerts I’ve seen him do.

He played stuff I have never seen him play live – stuff I told our friends as we were waiting on line – “oh, he never plays that.”

Like “Dancing in the Dark.” [First dance with husband at the infamous office xmas party, ahem.]

Also, I have never heard him sing “Prove it All Night” live before. Until last night.

Basically he played lots of old stuff. Cadillac Ranch. Rosalita. Born to Run. Badlands. She’s the One. Tenth Avenue Freeze Out.  Out on the Street. Twist & Shout with Robert Townsend, surprise guest.

He played for 3 hours straight, no intermission.

It was great.

Here are some videos from this tour, in Barcelona.


8 responses to “Bruce!

  1. Forget Bruce, I want to hear more about the infamous office xmas party.

  2. Perhaps if I get loose in chat one night…

  3. Say, I think we should all get drunk Thursday night for chat.

  4. Yeah, well there was alcohol involved that night too…

  5. My lips are sealed!
    : )

  6. LOL. Probably cause you can’t remember a thing from that night ….

  7. I love it when they bring in surprise guests.

    what’s all this about an office party now?

  8. Oh, it was a party way long ago that was quite wild and life-changing…

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