The new face?

Apparently there is a new “face” trend, according to New York magazine.

As if, one could or would just go out and try on a new face whenever you want to – like a new shoe or a new haircut.

But one could [which I did I could not help myself] – compare one’s own face to the “new new face” to see how it measures up.


Shape – Heart. Nope, mine is more oval.

Profile – Straight. Check. [as opposed to the Dr. Diamond upturned nose, which, um, my mother has.]

Eyes – Big. Check.

Cheeks – Plump. Not really…

Lips – Just slightly plump. I hate my lips. 

Chin – Angular. Again – not really.

Oh well… such is life.

Who has this face? New York Mag says –


10 responses to “The new face?

  1. Well Pfieffer andMadonna sure but Demi does not have a heart shaped face.

  2. She looks kind of oval to me.

  3. Sorry, the heart-shaped face is out. See what replaced it.

  4. That is lovely…

  5. Demi looks like she has more botox running than blood. I do not see a line on that woman’s face.

  6. And yet, she does not look anything like she did when she was younger. Nothing like she did when she was in “Ghost.”

  7. Michele, you have a heart shaped face.

  8. You think? [checking mirror] —————>

  9. Absolutely. No doubt about it.

  10. Oh good – I can add another “check.”

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