Guess what I wrote today?

For the second time in my whole life –

YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


12 responses to “Guess what I wrote today?

  1. Yay! Yay! Yay!

  2. Hopefully followed by a glass of red and in your case a smoke.

  3. Hold on. It’s time for a parade.
    Congratulations, Michele.

  4. Thanks! It is such a wonderful feeling.

    It’s funny, Final Draft has smart type, no way in hell was I using that – I had to type those last 2 words myself.

    aj, lol, that is exactly what I did – red wine & a smoke!

  5. “I had to type those last 2 words myself.”

    I totally squandered that moment and let FD do it for me. I regret that now that you’ve made me think about it.
    Time for me to finish another screenplay and fix that.

  6. More kudos from me too Michele.

    SO happy for you!

  7. Oh, Kitty, it is big moment whether you type it in yourself or not. Don’t regret that.

    Thanks Sulya! How was that wine?

  8. You know the coolest thing about fade out?

    It never ever gets old typing that. Ever. If anything, it gets better each time you do it.

  9. Congrats Michele!

  10. Thanks Carl!

    It does seem to get better, Max. I think I jumped higher and yelled louder this time.

  11. Mazel tov!

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