I just found Simon’s cat

A Friday afternoon touring Youtube pays off!


8 responses to “I just found Simon’s cat

  1. That was totally freakin’ awesome. thank you michele.

  2. I now know who does not read my blog.

  3. It’s cute, isn’t it? Makes me miss my cat.

    Lol Max – I read your blog religiously. Somehow I missed it.

  4. michele – I am seriously thinking of getting another cat… Was even checking out the humane society website last night…

    max – I have seen those cartoons on you blog and I read your blog every day. Geez. Way to doubt devotion at the drop of a hat. I just hadn’t seen THIS one and I hadn’t seen any of them on your blog for a while. Plus, it was one of those mornings and I really needed the giggle (smile).

  5. I was just watching a youtube about a reunion with a lion. A couple had raised it and then put it back into the wild. Year later they go to the jungle and reunite.
    I was all moved and everything and wanted to put it on the blog and then I got to thinking… Max has had that on hers. I’m not sure. The thing is I don’t remember watching the video before but remember comments at Max’s regarding keeping lions and all that.
    To make a short story long. No lion reunion youtube.
    100% Max’s fault.

  6. Hilarioius Michele.

    Just like my wife’s cat socks. EVERY morning.

  7. My cat had this thing – she liked to rub that little hard head of hers on the bridge of my nose to wake me up – I swear she sawed it down.

  8. Hey, carl – does your wife brain you with a baseball bat every morning too?

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