Jasmine, sweat, cigarettes, botox, and sunrise

I read an article about how botox injections in the armpit can stop you from sweating for weeks, but I am not sure that is very healthy.

All this talk about sweat led me to apply an extra dose of deodorant and then some perfume today. And then I left for work at —

6:30 am and watched the orange-red sun rise as I drove through cow and horse pastures.

I found this strange perfume online – from Harvey Nichol – called Jasmine et Cigarette. Really.


3 responses to “Jasmine, sweat, cigarettes, botox, and sunrise

  1. If you don’t sweat from your armpits, you will sweat elsewhere. I’ve heard nightmare stories about that.

    I love the smell of tobacco. I wonder what that perfume actually smells like.

  2. Have you fixed the auto’s AC yet?

  3. That’s what I figured Kitty, if it doesn’t come out of your armpits it has to come out somewhere, right?

    That perfume actually sounds like it may smell nice – not like smoke, but like tobacco and jasmine.

    Max, I tried to fix the AC, took the car to a friend who is an auto mechanic, he hooked up some gadget to it and said there is a leak somewhere [where – he does not know] so that just adding AC fluid, it would leak right out and be a waste of $, I would have to replace the whole thing. So I am back to agonizing – do I want to spend $900 on a 16 year-old car. Some girl at work gave me the number of her boyfriend/mechanic, I am going to call him & see what he can do.

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