What the heck?

I was catching up with an old friend the other night – you know, the kind of friend that you don’t talk to for years and pick up like it is just yesterday?

This is a very animated and funny girl, which typically leads to convos of no less than 2 hours.

After sharing all the gossip about other people, we move on to sharing the news in our own lives, which is when I tell her that I have started screenwriting.

She says, “Oh, like, first they write the book or the play, and then they write the movie?”


“No, people write movie scripts.”

“Oh, that’s what “screenplay by” means when I read the credits?”

Okay, I love this girl, but, I am thinking – what the heck?


6 responses to “What the heck?

  1. Wait till you tell her actors do not make up their own lines. Her hair will fall out for sure.

  2. Lol. Actually I said that in the form of a question – “what do you think actors get up there and make up their lines?”

    I think that’s when she got it. “Oooh.”

  3. She might actually think movies are real. Careful with this one. She might freak that there is no real Mickey Mouse or Superman.

  4. Oh oh, is this someone I know?

  5. Um – yes.

    Someone who lives way far out on Long Island…

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