The hotness

“You are most like – Adriana Lima.”

“Intriguing and Sultry.”

What Victoria’s Secret Angel Are You?”


9 responses to “The hotness

  1. Hey hey hey. I am the hotness, what were you thinking?


  2. [ps : i got Laetitia Casta i do not know who she is but i should probably go find out]

  3. This is what I got.

    You Are Most Like Tyra Banks
    Totally smokin’ with tons of attitude

    I’m not going to complain.

  4. Oh Max, you are the hotness, I just borrowed your title for the day, lol.

    I do not know who Laetitia Casta is either. I did not even know who Adriana Lima is, but husband did, which was slightly alarming.

    Sulya, Tyra rocks, she also lunches with Clay they are buds (don’t laugh..) so you are one lucky girl.

  5. Whew! I thought I was slipping.

  6. No slippage, lol.

  7. Gisele Bundchen (Slightly exotic and perfectly gorgeous)…

    Well, it’s a pleasant thought anyway.

    I must be bored this afternoon…..

  8. Oo – Gisele!

    At least we know who she is.

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