What color is your kiss?

My kiss is pink.








“For you, kissing is pure happiness… simple as that. You definitely get a little blissed out from kissing, even if you’re a bit shy about it.  You won’t kiss just anyone. Your kisses are special!

Young at heart, you still get very excited the first time you kiss someone.

Kissing Type: Generous

People See Your Kisses as: Sweet

 You Kiss Best With: A Black Kisser

Stay away from: An Orange Kisser”

[I have no idea who black and orange may be?]

What color is your kiss?

[image from Glamour Vanity]


10 responses to “What color is your kiss?

  1. I’m a pink kisser, too.

  2. Go pink!

    If I were to wear any lipstick – I usually don’t – it would be pink.

  3. Your Kiss is Blue

    You prefer kissing to be a meaningful, emotional experience.
    You don’t like to kiss strangers, and you don’t like to kiss someone you’re mad at.
    A kiss can change how you feel about someone – for better or worse.
    You don’t take anything lightly… especially kissing.

    Kissing Type: Deep

    People See Your Kisses as: Genuine

    You Kiss Best With: A Green Kisser

    Stay away from: A Red Kisser

    Kissing has definitely changed how I’ve felt about some people but this isn’t entirely accurate as I have happily kissed some strangers in my day and I can imagine that kissing in anger might be hot so whatever…. Emotional? yes. Particularly deep? Prob not (wink).

  4. “Particularly deep? Prob not (wink).” – lol.

    You ever wear blue lipstick?

    Perhaps I am taking this too literally but I am seeing blue lips.

  5. Lay off the ices.

  6. Your Kiss is Orange

    For you, kissing is all about pushing the envelope. You’re a wild kisser.
    And you don’t have to know someone all that well to kiss them.
    (You figure that’s how you’ll get to know one another!)
    While you may be impulsive with who you kiss, there’s nothing random about your kissing technique.

    Kissing Type: Unconventional

    People See Your Kisses as: Intoxicating

    You Kiss Best With: A Red Kisser

    Stay away from: A Pink Kisser

  7. Intoxicating? oo la la…

  8. her lips are so hot she could tie me down and kiss me all day and night

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