Curse guessing

Somehow last night at a BBQ after several bottles of wine and several more bottles of beer had been consumed by all and a few of us stood on the backyard deck, the convo turned to the question –

“What are the 7 words you cannot say on TV?” – per the recently late George Carlin’s routine in the 70’s.

Such began the guessing game.

Gotta be F–K.


You get the picture. We threw them all out there, argued over each one.  

Until someone went inside and googled.

Such is my Saturday night.



5 responses to “Curse guessing

  1. But you can now say a variant of one you never could say when the routine began in the 70’s. Now people can now be pissed on TV. British people could always get pissed, but that’s a different definition.

  2. You can say any of them on cable. And even on network, but it gets bleeped. But it’s usually totally obvious what was said. Within 5 years, I expect some of them to be on commercials.

  3. Viagra commercials.

  4. ED and c–ts

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