Everything goes

Last Sunday my mother lured me out for one last fix of the Sigrid Olsen going-out-of-business sale – now 70% off plus an additional 25% off at the register. Not too tough a sell.

We took husband along, on the way out to dinner.

I of course ended up at the register with $400 worth of clothes for less than $100.

This while I glance over at husband who is off to the side talking to the sales girl.

Buying the mannequin.

Meet Lady M, in residence in the dressing room, attired in my way-old-long-ago snakeskin spandex dress.

Husband tells me “those were the days.” Smack.


7 responses to “Everything goes

  1. He bought the mannequin? That is very funny.

  2. I think he felt left out. Or just thought it was cool.

  3. Wow, that is cool.

    Little Blane has this martial arts mannequin to punch and kick, it’s really freaky looking. When Blane and I would be watching a scary movie Little Blane would creep up behind us with that thing and scare the crap out of us.

  4. I’m getting ready to put a bikini on it next. For summer.

    Little Blane is funny.

  5. michele, that is awesome. new clothes and a new friend/artwork. Lovely.

    Kitty – Little Blane is definitely funny.

  6. Little Blane is quite the prankster. His sisters can’t wait until he has kids to even the score.

  7. Yeah, Sulya, I can see her shadow from my bedroom and have to remind myself it is not a real person.

    Kitty, why wait?

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