Saturday –

Morning on the screen porch, I am fretting to husband about the script.

How I need to write today but not sure where I am going, exactly.

Husband asks – do you know the end?

“Yeah, I know act 3.”

He asks – how many pages till you get there?

“Around 14.”

And then he says –

” Oh.  Just blow through the next 14.”

Funny guy.

The scene at 7 pm –


5 responses to “Saturday –

  1. He is right. If you are that close, just sit down and start writing till you hit the words “the end.” Clean it up after. Just get it on the page.

  2. Shit I hate it when he is right.

  3. Yay Michele, 14 more pages to fade out. yayayayayay!

  4. Kitty, lol.

    I wish, though – it is 14 pages till Act 3.

  5. That’s great news too. I like your writing set up.

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