Vintage posters

We’ve been collecting vintage posters for some years now. Really they are original run lithographs, most of them art deco advertising posters from the late 1800’s – 1930’s, some a bit later. Mostly all are colorful, clean modern images. Some are quite large and take up whole walls. Some lean against the walls in the “quasi-gallery” due to lack of available wall space left.

This one is in the kitchen – Porto Ramos-Pinto, Rene Vincent, 1925 ca

So’s this one – Cordial Medoc, 1930, Henry Le Monnier

Funny, a lot of our posters are advertising liquor.


3 responses to “Vintage posters

  1. Mmm. Love that porto ramos one.

  2. my! these are priceless vintage posters you have. keep collecting.

  3. Thanks.

    The Porto Ramos one was one of the first ones we bought.

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