The summer of the dress?

So I was in NYC last week, and noticed that I was not dressed like anyone else on the street.

If you know me, the worst possible thing is to look like a tourist when I travel – “one must blend with the natives.” It is especially bad to look like a tourist in the city where I used to live. Egads!

So there I was, on a weekend in NYC with temps in the upper 90s and one day 100, wearing long black shorts when virtually EVERYONE [well everyone female] was wearing a dress. The summer dress.


 Photographs by Hiroko Masuike for The New York Times


I was so desperate to blend that I popped into a store to buy a dress, but no way in hell was I gonna spend upwards of $300 on a sundress when I have dresses sitting at home in the closet that I have not worn for years.

Funny I have been wearing dresses at home all week now.

White-as-hell legs and all.


4 responses to “The summer of the dress?

  1. Word is dresses are making a comeback at the office too.

  2. Dresses are everywhere…

    I even wore one while cooking dinner last night [um, before I changed from work]

  3. “white as hell legs” — I hear you sista’. Mine appear to glow in the dark.

    I have some great dresses too. Mostly winter though. And, as always, there is the ongoing problem of shoes.

  4. I have stopped doing the spray-on- tan legs – too much trouble, too many streaks – so white legs it is.

    Oh yes, the shoes – I find one needs so many more pair of shoes/sandals in summer when in winter one pair of black boots and one pair of black heels is all I need.

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