Murakami & Brooklyn

Last Sunday we trekked into Brooklyn to see the Murakami exhibit.

I lived in Brooklyn until I was 3, then visited the grandparents in Flatbush every weekend for the next 10 years until they moved to Florida, and have rarely been back since.

It was well worth the field trip from Manhattan.

I found Murakami’s art modern, commercial & huge in scale, with interesting characters and themes that reappear throughout.

There were statues.

This girl was great.

And whole walls of art.

Whole rooms of art.

He also designed some Louis Vuitton bags.

Plus a whole lot of commercial items popular with kids.

Afterwards, we took a taxi to Park Slope and walked around some, hung out at a coffee shop, and had dinner.

I have friends that used to live in Park Slope but I had not been there since they moved – years ago. It sure has changed. Mostly it was the strollers all over the place.

Also the eco-terrorists – waving their hands and fake coughing as they passed us on the street because of the [gasp] cigarettes in our hands. [Did I mention this was outside?]

Ah, well. We still enjoyed dinner, and I highly recommend the Murakami exhibit. These pics don’t show the scale of it all.



3 responses to “Murakami & Brooklyn

  1. I thought you guys were the eco-terrorists. The Park Sloper types were eco-Nazis. But I also have trouble knowing the players without a scorecard.

  2. Eco-terrorists, that’s funny.

    How long did you stay in the museum. I’m trying to guess how big it is. Sounds like a half-day deal.

  3. Eco-Nazis? LOL.

    It was a huge museum, Kitty, they had lots of other stuff besides this exhibit too that we perused. We were there about 3 hours – pretty much my outer limit.

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