The birthday

– Started out with a shopping expedition to John Fluevog, the favorite NYC shoe store, near Soho.

Where I successfully purchased 2 – yes 2- pair of birthday shoes.  [Spent a bundle, but, hey, it was the birthday present.]

  This sandal is called “Yunnan.”  It is hard to see here, but it is black and gray. It has ribbon laces.

This one is a little more – demure. A nice white sandal with brown trim, wraps up around the ankle. It is “Faustina.”

After the celebratory smoke, we headed for a pasta and wine lunch at Lupa, in the West Village. I tried this homemade pasta called Asparagus Cappellacci and Ramps.  In english – this is little pasta hats stuffed with creamy asparagus and baby leeks, tossed in butter.

That night, we went to Jim Caruso’s Cast Party at the Birdland. This is where Broadway people come to chill on Monday nights, and it is an open mic night – there is a pianist, a bassist, a host (Jim), and whoever wants to come up and perform, does.  Big time B’way stars, new up-and-comers. With tables, drinks, it is cabaret-like. And only cost $10 to get in. It was fun, and different. Michael Feinstein was in the place too. 

Stayed till 1 a.m., then took a cab back to the hotel.

A very good day.


5 responses to “The birthday

  1. That is an excellent birthday.

  2. Yes, it was.

    It was hot as hell there, it hit 100 degrees that day.

  3. Fluevog started with one store in Vancouver… The store is right up the street from where I used to dance three times a week. I would walk by and drool on a more-or-less regular basis. Very cool b-day shoes michele!

    Funny – The Blackberry and Vogs — Canada’s electronic and retail contributions to the world!

  4. My God, those black shoes are hot.

    Happy birf.

  5. Thanks guys.

    Yeah, I like the black ones too, Kitty, lol.

    Fluevog is great. I knew he came from Canada, didn’t know he was your virtual neighbor tho Sulya …

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