This little thing

Popped up on my chest. A little pink raised circle.

At first I thought – maybe it is a zit.

But it did not go away.

Then I call the dermo and cannot get an appt for 3 freakin’ weeks so move to the internet to see if I was dying.

And promptly gave myself 6 months to live [um, given my medical history, this is not too far-fetched. Okay, some far-fetched, but possible none-the-less.]

I frantically called the dermo again, got in on a cancellation last Thursday morning.

She said it is probably some benign thing with a strange name but she took it off anyway for biopsy and when I go for the reassurance, as in “so you think it is [strange name]?” she says, arm up in the air, “don’t hold me to that.”

So, now, here I am, in “I’ll call your cell with results in 7-10 days” hell.

Slowly, surely, freaking out.



10 responses to “This little thing

  1. Okay do not panic here. One, it is not breast cancer because that is not how breast cancer behaves. That leaves, if it actually were cancer, a skin lesion which can be removed and the chances of it being benign are very high and the chances of it spreading in this early a stage are so low they are infinitesimal. So just stay frosty and do not stress. Stress alone makes skin do weird things.

  2. I am trying. The thing is, what I did have, although quite rare, can pop up on the skin. Years later. So, that is why the stress, but I need to start thinking that it is more likely one of the most commonest things instead of the rarest possibility. Deep breaths.

    Thanks Max.

  3. Smart of you to go get that checked out.

    98% of skin biopsies are benign.

    Dermatologists are the smartest docs, you can’t choose a bad one. Reason is the top med school grads choose to do a residency in that field because of the hours.

    Sending good vibes that way for you Michele.

  4. I know how you feel Michele. I usually freak out at the smallest blemish on my skin (being a red head I have been told all of my life I will get skin cancer)

    In the end – it’s just another freckle…

    Sending good vibes as well…

  5. I have nothing more intelligent to offer than max & Kitty have already provided so I will just join in the chorus of good calm vibes your way.

  6. Thank you Carl and Sulya.

  7. It is a “harmless kerotosis.”


  8. Yay! Yay! Yay!

    [Okay I got the “harmless” part but what is a kerotosis?]

  9. It is some sort of thing that grows that is benign – like a mole but it is raised on top of the skin.

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