Shoe trick

I told myself yesterday – no shoe shopping until I write at least 3 pages. [I am stuck in act 2 mire of the screenplay.]

It worked – I wrote 4.

I bought these Dansko Sela sandals – I so needed a new pair of black sandals and these were super-comfy for pounding NYC pavement. I still need another pair though, with a higher heel that I can wear with a dress, for work. Smile.

Also, I was lured back into the Sigrid Olson 50% off everything because it is going-out-of-business sale – got 2 tees at $7.50 each.

A good day all around.


8 responses to “Shoe trick

  1. I’m trying to draw some clever parallel here between a hat trick in hockey and your very smart ruse to con yourself into writing but I’m comin’ up blank so I will simply say congrats on the new paws.

    New paws are fun (smile)

  2. Thanks, Sulya, I plan to break them in today while sitting at the movies.

  3. Oh you cannot go wrong at the sale and shoes are good incentive. Yay!

  4. Yes shoes are a good thing.

  5. So are $100 pants on sale for $10. Woohoo!

  6. Those are some cool shoes.

    I need to make deals with myself to get some pages done. I’ll have to go for the chocolate denial. Pages for chocolate. That might work.

  7. I bet chocolate would make its way into the pages, lol.

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