Read it, watch it, do it?

I just finished reading the script for [what I think] is one of the most romantic movies I have ever seen – An Officer and a Gentleman.

The last scene has me in tears everytime.  I wanted to see how that last scene was written.

Wow. The way he conveyed the moment, the feeling. Almost as good as watching it.


See that love scene in the motel room? We were vacationing in Washington, and stopped in Port Townsend for the night – at a blue motel on the water. I swore up and down that this is the motel in the movie where Zac and Paula made mad hot sex/love. Husband [boyfriend at the time] pooh-poohed me. Several days later we passed the town again, stopped again, husband goes into the office to get a room, I wait in the car, yell out “ask them if it was!” Not only was it – he got the keys to the “Officer and a Gentleman suite.” Woo hoo!








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